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Oye Reversible Durag



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Oye Shea Butter is more than just a product. It is organic and naturally made from Nigeria's finest Shea Nuts to renew, heal, and hydrate hair and skin. Oye Shea Butter job does not stop there. It stops split ends and promotes hair growth by rejuvenating your scalp. Never be scared to flaunt your skin,  Purchase Oye Shea Butter and you'll instantly fall in love. Renew all lost confidence and wear it like makeup. Life is not perfect but make sure your skin is with Oye Shea Butter.


Oye Shea Butter is made naturally from the finest ingredients. It's sourced directly from Nigeria to ensure you get the highest quality product. Our Shea Butter helps fade scars, stretch marks, diaper rashes and eczema. You no longer need dozens of products, make Oye Shea Butter your all in one. Leaving you wanting more after each use.

"The brand, created by Tolu Oye, is helping to make women feel confident in their skin."


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Oye 2018 Winter Visuals "Mirror"

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